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ISO/TS 22332:2021
ISO/TS 22332:2021 already available

ISO has recently published the first version of the new ISO/TS 22332:2021, ISO/TS 22332:2021 Security and resilience — Business continuity management systems — Guidelines for developing business continuity plans and procedures...

BCI Spain Chapter - Business Continuity
Spain gets its own chapter in the BCI

The BCI has recently launched the BCI Spain Chapter. Ozona Consulting has participated in its creation, and it is one of its promoters. Also, Uxía Fernández, Head of Business Continuity at Ozona, holds a seat in the committee...

ISO 20000 masterclass
ISO 20000 Masterclass in Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona

Lynda Cooper, Project Editor of ISO 20000-1: 2018, and Diego Berea, co-editor of ISO 20000-2 and Project Editor of ISO 20000-9, taught the ISO 20000 masterclass editions in Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona. These training events were organized to discuss the changes introduced in the latest...

ITSM KPI Workshops
Upcoming ITSM KPI and Display Techniques workshops

New editions of the ITSM KPI Foundation, ITSM KPI Practitioner and Display Techniques workshops are already scheduled. They are all taught online by Diego Berea, Managing Partner at Ozona Consulting, and they have a duration of 1 day...

ISO 20000-1 workshop for experts
ISO 20000-1 workshop for experts

Diego Berea, Director of Ozona Consulting, was one of the panelists of the ISO 20000 workshop for experts, held on May 9 in Madrid. This workshop discussed the implications of the changes included in the latest version of the service management standard...