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ISO/TS 22332:2021 already available

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recently published the first version of the new ISO/TS 22332:2021 Security and resilience – Business continuity management systems – Guidelines for developing business continuity plans and procedures. Now you can find more details or get a copy of this document on the official ISO website.

About ISO/TS 22332:2021

This technical specification, for now available only in English, aims to provide the main guidelines for the development of business continuity plans and procedures.

The technical committee that prepared this document is ISO/TC 292 – Security and resilience. This committee deals with ISO standards related to business continuity and crisis management. In fact, our Business Continuity Director at Ozona, Uxía Fernández, is among the members of this committee. Specifically, Uxía is the Project Leader of ISO/TS 22317 – Guidelines for business impact analysis, a technical specification which explains how to conduct a business impact analysis, or BIA.

Taking this analysis as a reference, strategies and solutions are created to ensure the continuity of the most important products and services. Then, the organization draws up continuity plans as a roadmap to achieve this purpose. And it is actually this part of the business continuity management lifecycle that the new ISO/TS 22332:2021 is about.

So, from Ozona, we welcome this document into the Safety and Resilience family. Certainly, our Business Continuity consultancy team will use these guidelines for the implementation of future projects.

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