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Uxía Fernández on the importance of the BIA

Uxía Fernández, Director of Business Continuity at Ozona, participated in the FACT24 Experience Week 2020 with the presentation Covid-19: ¿Y si hubiera tenido un BIA actualizado?, where she stressed the importance of an updated BIA when facing a crisis situation, such as the current covid-19 pandemic.

The presentation took place on Thursday, June 18 at 11:00, and was held online.

The BIA: A key element in business continuity

The business impact analysis, or BIA, is a key element of any business continuity management system (BCMS). The first step an organization should take when conducting a BIA is to analyze and prioritize its products and services according to established parameters. Then, after making a selection of those considered critical, the organization obtains information about the processes, activities and resources necessary for their production and delivery. Finally,  it identifies the processes, activities and resources that present the most critical aspects with the help of an impact matrix.

The BIA will later become an input for the creation strategies and solutions that ensure the continuity of the organization’s most important products and services at a predetermined level for a reasonable period of time. Ultimately, business continuity plans based on these strategies and solutions are developed.

It is very important that the organization update these plans periodically to ensure they remain effective, and the same happens with the BIA. After all, an outdated BIA can lead to selecting wrong strategies and solutions.

Surely, the covid-19 pandemic has caught many organizations by surprise. Some of them had no business continuity strategies or plans at all; others, however, did have business continuity plans in place, but these were based on outdated BIA information.

In this sense, Uxía’s presentation focused on the importance of having updated BIA information in a crisis situation.

About Uxía Fernández

Uxía Fernandez is the Head of the Business Continuity department and partner at Ozona Consulting.

She is also a member of the TC292 international committee, which deals with ISO standards related to business continuity and crisis management.

As part of this work, Uxía is the Project Leader of ISO/TS 22317 – Guidelines for business impact analysis. Moreover, she is certified as an ISO 22301 Master, Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer.

Nowadays, she and her team provide advice and support to our clients within the scenario of the covid-19 pandemic.

Video of the presentation Covid-19: An if I had an updated BIA?

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