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Returning to face-to-face work: The first step towards the new normal after covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic paralyzed the activities of many companies, but it is time to start again. Returning to face-to-face work is the first step of a staggered recovery that culminates in the new normal. But it is not just a matter of reopening the offices. It is also is important to consider when to return, under what circumstances, and who should do it first. Finally, it is necessary to establish indicators in order to monitor the situation effectively.

Returning to face-to-face work after the peak of covid-19

When planning the return to the workplace, there are several aspects that a company should consider. In this regard, a series of measures that apply to most companies and ensure an organized, safe return. These measures can be classified by categories, such as hygiene and health, communication, facilities, guided tours management, or trips and commutes. Some measures must be taken before workers go back to their posts and will remain active in the long term. Others, on the other hand, are implemented or eliminated depending on the evolution of the situation.

A webinar to prepare for the new normal

Ozona prepared the webinar Business Continuity – Back to the new normal – Have you thought of everything? as a guide for returning to face-to-face work.

This webinar took place on May 6 and 7 and had 3 editions, in Spanish and Portuguese. The person in charge of delivering it was Uxía Fernández, Director of Business Continuity at Ozona.

Uxía is a member of the committee that develops the ISO 22301 standard (Business Continuity Management System) and the Project Leader of the technical specification ISO/TS 22317 (BIA-Business Impact Analysis Guidelines). Moreover, she is certified as an ISO 22301 Master, Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer.

She and her team specialize in business continuity management systems and have extensive experience in different sectors. Currently, they provide advice and support to our clients within the scenario of the covid-19 pandemic.

Below you can see the video of the webinar, in Spanish.

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