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Upcoming ITSM KPI and Display Techniques workshops

We have recently scheduled new editions of the ITSM KPI workshops taught by Diego Berea, Managing Partner at Ozona Consulting. In the past three years, Ozona has carried out more than 40 editions of these workshops. Without a doubt, they are the most requested training actions in our portfolio.

You may also be interested in our Indicators’ display techniques workshop. This course is the ideal complement to our KPI workshops.

About the ITSM KPI workshops 

Previous editions of these workshops have been taught in person in different cities across Spain and Portugal. However, due to the current pandemic situation, we have decided to carry them out online, until further notice.

Price: 495 € per participant (21% VAT not included).

Registration: https://ozonaconsulting.com/kpis/

The prices above include an attendance certificate and the materials used during the sessions.

Note that all the courses offered by Ozona can also be taught in-house.

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