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ISO 20000 Masterclass in Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona

The latest edition of ISO 20000 introduced several important modifications with respect to previous versions. So, Lynda Cooper and Diego Berea decided to organize a masterclass in order to shed some light on the matter. The ISO 20000 masterclass was an interesting training opportunity because Diego Berea and Lynda Cooper are two notable members of the ISO 20000 international committee. Lynda is the Project Editor of the ISO 20000-1:2018. As for Diego, he is a co-editor of ISO 20000-2 and the Project Editor of ISO 20000-9.

Different editions of this even took place in Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona on October 16, 17 y 18, respectively.

The 2018 version of ISO 20000

Since it is meant to be compatible with any framework (ITIL, VeriSM, IT4IT, etc.), the ISO 20000:2018 is more flexible. Besides, it focuses more on explaining what an adequate management system should have and less of how to achieve it. So, this version of the standard is much less prescriptive than the previous one. By introducing these changes, the ISO 2000:2018 reaches out to a greater number of organizations of different sizes and with more or less resources.

More details about the ISO 20000 Masterclass

If you wish, you can find out more about this masterclass. You may also request information about the conditions for scheduling new editions of this training.

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