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Today, November 17th, ISO released a new version of ISO/TS 22317 – Security and resilience – Business continuity management systems – Guidelines for business impact analysis, the ISO/TS 22317:2021.

For us at Ozona Consulting, the release of ISO/TS 22317: 2021 is specially exciting, since Uxía Fernández, our Business Continuity Director, was in charge of the revision project of this technical specification as Project Leader.


The first version of ISO/TS 22317 was published in 2015 with the aim of providing guidance to companies when conducting a business impact analysis (BIA). Indeed, this document considerably expands the information provided by ISO 22301 regarding the BIA, a key piece for the correct implementation of a business continuity management system.

Since it is a technical specification, ISO/TS 22317 is not certifiable. However, it certainly provides very valuable information for organizations implementing a business continuity management system for the first time that do not know how to approach the BIA. It is also particularly useful for those who already have a system in place. Even if they have already performed several BIAs, they may seek to optimize, simplify, or improve the existing process.


The ISO technical committee in charge of preparing and revising the ISO/TS 22317 is the ISO/TC 292 – Security and resilience. The ISO/TC 292, of which Uxía Fernández is a member, deals with ISO standards related to business continuity and crisis management. For the latest revision of ISO/TS 22317, the committee appointed Uxía as Project Leader.

The project began in early July 2019, and it ended in June 2021. Over this period, Uxía Fernández was in charge of coordinating the revision activities. These activities include, among others, consolidating the comments received from the national committees of all participating countries regarding each draft. Also, organizing revision and brainstorming meetings. The latter was especially difficult, as travel and face-to-face meetings were not possible during the pandemic. So, the agendas of experts from California to Australia had to be taken into account for scheduling meetings. The goal was to achieved the highest possible levels of participation.

Ultimately, the review process included a total of 36 working group meetings and lasted almost two years. The ISO/TC 292 delivered the final document in June 2021, and this has just been published. For now, it is only available in English and French.

From Ozona, we warmly welcome the new ISO/TS 22317:2021. It will have a special place as a reference for all our BIA and business continuity management system implementation projects. In addition, we have updated the contents of our BIA workshop, taught by Uxía Fernández herself, to reflect the current guidelines.

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