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ISO 20000-1 workshop for experts

Ozona Consulting participated in the ISO 20000-1 workshop for experts organized by the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) and itSMF Spain.

This professional event examined the main changes introduced in ISO 20000-1:2018. It also discussed how these changes would affect the implementation of the standard in organizations.

Indeed, the new edition of ISO 20000 is much less prescriptive than the previous ones. This is because it focuses on explaining what the requirements are rather than how to fulfil them. It is also meant to be compatible with any framework, such as ITIL, IT4IT, VeriSM, etc. This newly gained flexibility has made the standard useful for a greater number of organizations.

A workshop about ISO 20000-1 by and for experts

The panelists of this workshop were members of GT25/SC40 (mirror committee at UNE of ISO/IEC JTC1 WG25), a Spanish group at UNE that contributes to the standard.
Among these experts, were the following:

  • Diego Berea Cabaleiro – Director of Ozona Consulting and ISO/IEC 20000-2 co-editor and ISO/IEC 20000-9 Project Editor.

  • Luis Simoni Granda – National coordinator of the ISO 20000-1 work line in GT25 at UNE.

  • Paloma García López – Head of Business Development at UNE.

  • Alejandro Pérez Sánchez – President of GT25, Spanish group of IT service management and governance. Also, co-editor of ISO/IEC 20000.

  • Luis Morán Abad – CEO of itSMF, member of GT25 and Co-editor of ISO/IEC 20000.

In addition, other professionals specialized in management systems, such as auditors, consultants, service and process managers, and representatives of public entities also participated in the workshop. In all, 25 experts attended the event.

If you want to find out more about this event, please visit the itSMF website.

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