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Below are the questions on the ITSM KPI Foundation beta test.
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Which are the characteristics that a performance indicator must have to be a KPI candidate?(multiple answer)


The FED periodically publishes a forecast of GDP for next year. According to the concepts presented in the training, this forecast could be:


In the normalization of indicators in a dashboard, it is recommended:


Which is the relationship between causality and correlation?


Can an indicator be, at the same time, a performance indicator and a result indicator?


The technique of construction of synthetic indicators called "divide and conquer", is based on the application of modus ponendo ponens (in Latin, "the way that affirms by affirming" also called modus ponens, elimination of the implication or rule of separation) is a valid form of argument and a rule of inference in propositional logic, it can be summarized as "if P implies Q, and P is true, then Q is also true." The modus ponendo ponens can be formally established as:

{\displaystyle {\frac {P\to Q,\;P}{\therefore Q}}}

where the rule is when "P → Q" and "P

What can be inferred from this rule?


Performance indicators are more important than result indicators


If we have base measures (or records), derived measures (or metrics) and indicators:


Which of the following statements about the relationship between a derived measure (or metric) and an indicator are correct?(multiple answer)

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Exam ITSM KPI FOUNDATION EXAM (ENGLISH) made mayo 23, 2024