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Adding value to business continuity: Obsidian

Over the past months, the global pandemic has brought to light the need for effective business continuity management. Due to the increasing normalization of telecommuting, and with more operations over the internet than ever, new solutions are required.  Indeed, the possibilities that intelligent monitoring platforms such as Obsidian offer may be of great interest to organizations seeking to ensure proper ICT continuity management.

In fact, one of Obsidian’s main features is its ability to add value to business continuity, not only in the risk analysis and evaluation phase, but also in business continuity crisis and incident management.

Seeking to bring attention to this topic, Uxía Fernández will host next Wednesday, April 8, at 16:00 a webinar titled “Obsidian: Adding value to Business Continuity“. This event, part of itSMF Spain’s 2021 Tools Course, will be in Spanish and have a duration of 45 minutes.


This webinar will show examples of how Obsidian can be used for business continuity purposes:

  • Identification of an organization’s processes and activities affected by the outage of IT services.
  • Identification and evaluation of IT continuity risks.
  • Crisis management: Dashboard aimed at top management, for the control of the recovery of IT services after a continuity event.

Regarding crisis management and business continuity events, the webinar explains how to perform a damage assessment focused on business processes and activities instead of on IT systems, analyzing their dependencies. In addition, it will show how top management can follow the evolution of the recovery and how it affects business. This is done via a graphical representation of which processes are in the recovery phase and which are still pending. This facilitates crisis management and can be useful for delivering statements to clients based on the most current information.

So, if you are interested in joining this webinar, you can sign up through the BrightTalk platform.  You may also access the webinar later, since all webinars remain stored in the platform for future use.


Uxía Fernández is the director of the Business Continuity Department at Ozona Consulting, and has extensive experience in business continuity auditing and consulting projects. She is part of the international committee ISO/TC 292, which develops documents related to the ISO 22301 standard. In fact, she is the Project Leader of ISO/TS 22317 – Guide for business impact analysis. Moreover, she is MBCI, ISO 22301 Master certified, and member of the Board of the BCI Spain Chapter.

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