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Current challenges faced by service management

Service management is evolving. Surely, it will continue to be a necessary discipline, but it can and must incorporate agility to stay useful. So, what happens with the ISO 20000 standard? The climate of constant change in which we live has certainly influenced the latest edition of this standard.

On the one hand, the implementation of service management faces internal and external challenges. The external challenges relate to the rapid evolution of market trends. Although it is hard to predict future changes, terms such as Cloud, DevOps or Agile are increasingly relevant.

Regarding internal challenges, speed of response and adaptability gain importance with the transition from the Old IT (still in force in many companies) to the New IT. Concepts such as peer-support, self-help, level-z, (continual) CMDB or CI/CD; and even AIops platforms or the novel AITSM are some of the internal challenges that service management faces.

On the other hand, what about the ISO 20000 standard?

The changes to the ISO 20000 standard: Beyond IT

Compared to its predecessors, the new version of ISO 20000 (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018) is less prescriptive. It focuses on the requirements to be met rather than how to meet them. Thus, the standard is now useful for a greater number of companies of different sizes and with more or less resources. It also stresses its applicability to all kinds of services, not just IT, and its compatibility with any ITSM framework (VeriSM, IT4IT, etc.) and not just with ITIL.

Presentation about upcoming challenges in service management

Diego Berea’s presentation at the itSMF Vision19 conference exposed the practical challenges that service management will face in the next decade. The presentation also made reference to the main changes included in the latest edition of the ISO 20000 standard to adjust to possible future advancements in the sector. Diego is a co-editor of ISO 20000 and a member of the Spanish committee of UNE in ISO, which has made significant contributions to the latest revision of the standard.

This presentation was recorded and is available on the YouTube channel of Ozona Consulting. It currently has 1199 visits and 2 likes. The video is in Spanish, but subtitles are available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

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