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15th anniversary of the Ozona project

April 30, 2017 marked the 15th anniversary of the creation of our company, currently made up of brands Ozona Tech and Ozona Consulting . All employees gathered at the Gran Hotel La Toja on June 9 and 10 to celebrate. At the event, the company reviewed its achievements and presented its business strategy for the following years.

Our Project

EIn 2002, a team of young professionals opted for a business model based on specialization, the generation value through knowledge, and the promotion talent as its main HR tool.

Today, those who started the Ozona project continue with us. Despite having grown and matured, the grounds on which the company is based remain the same. Besides, our more than 100 employees and collaborators know and share these same values.

Many of our clients have also been with us from the beginning. But as of today, we have already worked on more than 250 projects, mainly in Spain and Portugal. We have also been able to evolve thanks to our business partners, manufacturers, suppliers, banks and other organizations that have supported us all this time.

The company has achieved great goals in these years. Today, we are a prominent player in the markets and lines that we decided to approach. However, our greatest success is that those of us who form Ozona are as proud of the project now as they were the first day.

Ramón Ares and Diego Berea, CEOs of Ozona.


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