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Beta ITSM KPI Foundation Exam

The ITSM KPI Foundation exam will be optional and chargable for new students of ITSM KPI Foundation workshop taught by Ozona.


However, for alumni interested in taking the exam and contributing their comments, it will be free. If passed, you will obtain the official Ozona Consulting certificate corresponding to having passed the ITSM KPI Foundation exam.



  • The test consists of 10 questions in random order
  • The exam can be done with the manual of the course and with Internet access. It is only requested to be done individually and only once.
  • Questions can be of several types:
    • Selection of a valid answer out of four possible answers
    • Selection of multiple valid answers out of four possible answers (explicitly stated)
    • Short answer
    • Multiple short answer
    • etc.
  • Incorrect answers do not subtract points
  • A maximum time of 1 hour is indicated, although it should not take more than 20 minutes to complete it.


Additional instructions for beta testers

Those interested should fill in the initial data (name, email, etc.) with their real data and should provide feedback on each of the 10 exam questions, indicating at least:

  • If the question seems easy or difficult
  • If you suggest an improvement in the question and answers.


Finally, volunteers are asked to indicate the time it took them to complete the exam, discounting the time spent in giving feedback.

After the first tests performed, the test seems to be difficult. Few people pass.


Exam questions

You can access the exam quiz and start your exam now.

Remember that you can only try once.